Rocky's "Drago", Characters by Sylvester Stallone

A new screenplay titled "Drago" was filed with the copyright office, based on Sylvester Stallone's popular Rocky IV character, Ivan Drago. The work was adapted from an earlier script titled  "Communist Boxing Redemption Movie" (CBRM).

Ivan Drago was recently listed as number 18 of the 25 Greatest Movie Villains of All Time by David Onda movie writer on Xfinity. He writes "Dolph Lundgren shocked movie audiences when his steely character killed Apollo Creed and uttered, without remorse, 'If he dies, he dies'." According to Box Office Mojo, at 300 million dollars, Rocky IV grossed the highest worldwide haul of any Rocky film to date.

"Creed", a new movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan is set to be released on November 25, 2015. Written by Ryan Coogler, it is based on the son of Apollo Creed who is trained by Rocky Balboa to become a boxer. 

"Drago", (originally CBRM) was penned with communist Cuba in mind, but when Russia invaded Ukraine, writer Andrew LeMay couldn't resist changing the story to reflect today's cold war nostalgia. With the popularity of movies like Batman: The Dark Knight, LeMay believes his script "Drago" will resonate with movie goers,  turning Ivan Drago from the villain into the anti-hero.

Logline: To save his mafia boss brother, Ivan Drago must fight his way through prison and defeat the heavyweight champion of the world, Mason "The Line" Dixon.

Writer Andrew LeMay can be contacted for questions at:
​Tel: (623) 322-4742